Prof. Yuval Ebenstein

Principal investigator

Yuval Ebenstein studied chemistry and physics at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel, where he also completed his Ph.D. in physical chemistry with Prof. Uri Banin, studying the photophysical properties of individual semiconductor nanocrystal quantum dots (QDs).

He then moved to work as a postdoc with Prof. Shimon Weiss at UCLA where he used QDs to light-up individual DNA binding proteins and map them along bacteriophage genomes. 

In the summer of 2011 he set-up the NanoBioPhotonix Lab in the department of chemical physics, school of chemistry at Tel Aviv University.   |   +972-54-3188316   |   +972-3-6408901

Dr. Yael Michaeli

Lab manager

Yael is responsible for project management and support of all things "bio".She is also developing new epigenetic analysis tools for single-molecule genome mapping and next generation sequencing. | +972-3-6405452

Dr. Tamar Shahal

Research associate

Tamar is involved in several projects in the lab but focuses mainly on the development and application of high-throughput analysis of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine (5hmC) in genomic DNA. | +972-3-6408698

Dr. Shahar Zirkin

Research associate

Shahar graduated from Bar Ilan University and is now working on DNA damage and epigenetic alterations in cancer. | +972-3-6408698

Dr. Zuzana Tulpová


I am involved in projects combining single molecule genome mapping and next generation sequencing focused on epigenetics. | +972-3-6408698

Dmitry Torchinsky

Ph.D. student

Dima is developing imaging based single molecule analysis techniques and instrumentation | +972-3-6408698

Sivan Fishman

Ph.D. student

Sivan is a joint student with Prof. Michael Gozin from the organic chemistry department. She works on chemical modification of DNA. | +972-3-6405626

Noa Gilat

Ph.D. Student

Sapir Margalit

Ph.D. Student

Sapir develops a sensitive method for 5-hydroxymethylcytosine quantification in genomic DNA.

Jonathan Jeffet

Ph.D. student

Jonathan is developing a high-throughput single-molecule detection technique. | +972-3-6408698

Gil Nifker

Ph.D. student

Gil is a joint student with Prof. Micha Fridman from the organic chemistry department and works on synthesizing and applying epigenetic modification cofactors for DNA labeling. | +972-3-6406261 | 03-6405647

Gal Goldner

MSc student

Gal is working on Using Nanopore sequencing in order to develop a new epigenetic analysis tool for breast cancer genescription here | 03-6405647

Adaya Ben Moshe

MSc student

Adaya is working on the Usage of labeling cfDNA for various applications | 03-6408698

Hila Sharim (Alumni)

Ph.D. student

Hila works on various aspects of DNA damage distribution by next generation sequencing and single-molecule techniques. | +972-3-6408698

Dr. Christian Heck (Alumni)


Christian is a postdoc who came from Potsdam University in Germany.

He works on the combination of DNA origami and epigenetic research. | +972-3-6405452

Tslil Gabrieli (Alumni)

Ph.D. student

Tslil works on single-molecule epigenetic mapping. | +972-3-6408698

Assaf Grunwald (Alumni)

Ph.D. student

Assaf develops a new labeling and analysis method for mapping DNA | +972-3-6406291

Dr. Rani Arielly (Alumni)

Postdoctoral fellow

Rani studied physics and then garduated with Prof. Yoram Selzer, where he studied mulecular junctions.

Rani splits his time between developing new code for data nanalysis and developing new DNA imaging devices. | +972-3-6408698

Amit Shwartz (Alumni)

Ph.D. Student

Recent studies have found an association between reduced 5hmc levels and various cancer types. We set forward to test this association by quantifying
5-Hydroxymethylcytosine (5hmc) in different blood cancer samples and comparing them to healthy controls.

Dr. Michal Levi-Sakin (Alumni)

Postdoctoral fellow

Michal worked on chemo-enzymatic modifications of DNA for epigenetic studies.

She is now a post doctoral fellow with Prof. Pui Kwok at UCSF

Yael Gluckman (Alumni)

M.Sc. student

Yael worked on copy number variation detection and now pursuing a career in the biomed industry

Dr.Yifat Berkov-Zrihen (Alumni)

Postdoctoral fellow

Yifat graduated from the lab of Prof. Micha Fridman specializing in the organic synthesis. She developed synthetic factors for bioconjugation of epigenetic marks. | +972-3-6406261 | 03-6405647

Asaf Kobo (Alumni)

M.Sc. student

Assaf studied physical aspects of DNA mapping in nanochannels. He now works Elbit Systems. | +972-3-6408698

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